Mt. Hagen

The Highlands of Papua New Guinea are the most densely populated areas of the country, divided into five separate provinces – Eastem Highlands, Simbu, Western Highlands, Enga Province and the Southern Highlands. This extensive mountainous area provides the watershed for some of the world’s largest river systems. The Sepik, Strickland and Fly all originate from this area.

Located in the wide Wahgi Valley, Mt. Hagen is the Administration headquarters of the Western Highlands Province and has evolved to become the principle commercial centre for its adjacent neighbouring Provinces. The town is connected via the Highlands Highway to the towns of Kundiawa and Goroka, from here the road winds down to Lae in the Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea’s second largest city and further to the North the picturesque town of Madang.

The Western Highlands is an important coffee and tea growing area. The highly skilled farmers meticulously tend the hillsides and valleys to ensure the successful cultivation of these two major cash crops. The general scenery throughout this part of Papua New Guinea is truly majestic.

One hour’s drive from Mt Hagen is the Baiyer River Wildlife Sanctuary which protects the largest collection of Birds of Paradise in the world, including the rare “Blue Bird of Paradise” the rainforest setting hosts varieties of other wildlife such as possums, tree kangaroos and over 100 species of butterflies.

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