Located on the North Coast mainland of Papua New Guinea, Madang Province consists of reef-fringed lowlands backed by some of the most rugged mountains in New Guinea, and offshore volcanic islands of Manarn, Karkar, Long and Bagabag. The town of Madang is situated halfway along the northern coastline in spectacular tropical surrounding. The area is world famous for its coral reefs and superb visibility – it’s a diver’s paradise, and has the reputation as one of the most beautiful provinces of the country. It is a peninsula with an abundance of parks, ponds and waterways and myriad small islands around its deepwater harbour.

It’s warm, wet climate and fertile soil combine to produce luxuriant tropical growth, completing the picture of what is aptly referred to as the “Prettiest Town in the South Pacific”. The Province is divided into six districts, namely Rai Coast, Madang, Karkar, Bogia, Upper Ramu and Middle Ramu.

Apart from having one of the most culturally diverse people in the Pacific, the terrain ranges from majestic mountains, fertile valleys, large river systems, beautiful coastal scenery, atolls and volcanic islands. It is centrally located between the Sepik, Morobe, Highlands and Island regions.

Harbour cruises take in Kramket Island where coral formations and the abundant marine life can be viewed through glass bottomed boxes. Siar Island offers clear waters and sandy beach which are ideal for swimming and snorkelling, and the Jant wood chip mill where tours are available daily.

Throughout the Province can be found relics of World War II, reminders that Madang was the centre of fierce fighting during the conflict. The former Japanese headquarters is at Ambon, a short distance off the North Coast Road, close to which is an airstrip with a number of aircraft still standing on it. Hansa Bay, near Bogia, there are many sunken ships which are popular dive locations.

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