The Eastern Highlands Province is a one hour flight north from Port Moresby, Goroka established in 1939 and during the war the Eastern Highlands were used as a rest centre and vegetable producer for the troops. Located at the beginning of the Highlands valleys at an average height of 1600m (approx. 5,100 feet), the Eastern Highlands occupies the
valleys of the Lamari, Asaro, Wahgi, Tua, Dunatina and Ramu rivers.

Goroka, the Eastern Highlands’ largest town and capital lies al 1,600 metres (5,100 feet) above sea level, boasting a year round spring time climate. The district is well known for its surrounding coffee plantations, rich, diverse culture and colourful flowers. Goroka is also home to one of the country’s major educational facilities, the University of Goroka. Kainantu, popularly referred to as the “gateway to the highlands” is the second largest town and is situated on the highlands highway, 200 kilometres from Papua New Guinea’s second largest city, Lae.

The world famous Asaro mud men are one of the Eastern Highlands most unique cultural attractions, they can be found at the mud men village at Komunive, 30 minutes by road from Goroka. These legendary and mystified beings have intrigued visitors for years with their renactment of a traditional legend. The mud men show is one not to be missed.

Daulo pass a 30 minute drive out of Goroka at 2,478 m is the highest accessible sealed road point in the country, spectacular panoramas can be seen from this point.

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